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John's Custom Leatherwork Maker's Stamp

Every Maker needs a mark, so we had this one commissioned for John from the Pirate and Green Parrot shop on Etsy. This is a one inch wide circular stamper for leatherwork. We sent in the high-res image of John's self-designed logo and the text we wanted, and a few weeks later (it takes a while because they are custom made) we received the stamp! I think it looks great and I can't wait to see it stamped into all of John's custom leatherwork projects in the future!

The stamp itself!

Stamped into raw leather.
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American Girl Doll Prairie Dress: Blue with Roses

Sewing for dolls is so fast and easy and addicting! This went together in just a few hours, and the model doesn't squirm! I actually bought a half yard of this pretty blue cotton at the fabric store just for this project--it was so perfect, and it's so easy to spend just a few dollars when you need so little fabric! 
This was also from the American Girl Historical Pattens, this time the "Apron Dress" style. I added cotton lace down the front, on the puffed sleeves, and along the hem. I do wish that these dresses were a little bit longer per historical accuracy, but they doo look really cute when the lace from the bloomers pokes out from underneath the hem. I had a little bit of trouble with the elastic on the sleeves, but I'm pretty sure it was user error. Overall the pattern was easy to follow and went together simply and easily. I lined the bodice with fabric that same white cotton sheet that I used to make her underthings
Yes, there's more. I haven'…

American Girl Doll Gray Prairie Dress and Underthings

As soon as I got my doll, I immediately stripped her naked and started sewing. This doll was destined to have a full pioneer wardrobe from the moment I bought her, seeing as my Little House on the Prairie obsession as a kid is what got me started sewing in the first place!

I went to my fabric stash in my craft room closet and pulled out some fabric salvaged from a pair of old cotton pajama pants. I love the tiny white and pink and teal flowers--the print is the perfect size for a doll. Then I went to my computer and started googling doll dress patterns. Luckily I found links for all of the old American Girl historical patterns. Dress dress is I believe the "school dress" pattern with the gathered bodice and cuffed sleeves. I also made a sunbonnet, apron, chemise, bloomers, and petticoat out of the old sheet, trimming them each with thin pink ribbon and scraps of cotton lace. I made the socks out of little tubes of white jersey. The tops are raw, since I don't have a ser…

Youtube Spotllight: Angela Clayton

I don't watch a ton of T.V. anymore, but I will admit I watch a lot of Youtube videos. I watch Minecraft videos with my oldest, Disney songs with my 4 year old, and make-up tutorials and sewing videos on my own time, usually while I'm sewing up in my office. (Unless I'm binging Downton Abbey or Scrubs, also great to watch while sewing.)

But this month I found Angela Clayton's channel entirely dedicated to period costumes and sewing and I can't get enough of it. I love the combination of vlogging, sewing clips, and her process for figuring out how to do stuff. It's fun to watch her projects go from concepts and sketches to beautiful photoshoot-worthy pieces. Sometimes she does things totally different from how I would do them, but they usually turn out great anyway. She even does hat-making and beading! Also, she has a great name.

Here's one of my favorites! Check it out:

Who else should I be watching? I used to follow a lot of costume and craft blogs back …

Hello Jane Chevron Baby Quilt

I know, I know, I've been posting a ton of baby quilts lately, but they are so fun! This one is for my cousin's new baby due in May. I've gotten pretty good at quilting, and these only take me a few weeks now. (It would only take me a few days if I wasn't full time momming!).

The fabric is a fat quarter bundle of Evening Stroll Hello Jane from the Fat Quarter Shop online. Teal and purple is my absolute favorite color combination and I've been dying to make a quilt out of it. Honestly it was really hard to give this one away. I hope my cousin loves it as much as I do!

I made the chevron blocks by following this tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company's youtube channel and arranged them in pairs of chevrons. I tried out a few different combinations of chevrons, but this one worked out the best. I used a light greenish teal minky for the backing, which I quilted into a sort of plaid square pattern by sewing 1/4 in from all of vertical and horizontal seams. I di…

Yellow "Flutterby" Baby Dress

Inspired by discount fabric section at the craft store and my successful christening gown, I decided I need to make more dresses and stuff for my baby girl.

I got half a yard of fabric on sale and searched pinterest for some free patterns. I found this tutorial: Flutterby Top and ran with it! (I didn't print the pattern since it's so simple and not her size, just used it as inspiration to draft my own pattern based on one of her dresses that fits.)

Construction-wise it was simple and went together quickly. I wish I had sized it up a little bit so she can wear it longer--I will on the next one I sew.  I used snaps on the back closure because of laziness (Both sewing and fastening wise), though buttons probably would have looked better. I added some ribbon and a bow that I had laying around in my fabric stash, and it was done in one day. It would have taken more than one day if my husband hadn't been home to watch kids though. #momlife

There it is! My model was being cute bu…

Sherwood Forest 2018

Gunnar and I took our kiddos to the Sherwood Forest Faire this past weekend and it was...COLD! The forecast said it would be in the 50's, which means longsleeves and light jackets, but it was actually in the 40s and so windy that we were all frozen!

I nearly bailed and had us all leave after an hour. I'm pretty tough, and I was wearing a hoodie and my fleece cloak,but I was still freezing cold. James lay huddled under three blankets in the stroller and got mad when I uncovered his face to make sure he could breathe. Baby girl's hands were red little ice cubes even though we kept shoving them back under the blankets or into our armpits while we held her. Gunnar was had it the worst, since he forgot half of his costume and his jacket at the house. He wrapped a blanket around himself, borrowed one of the boy's hats, and bought some leather gloves.
But we made it! We stuck to the back part of the Faire where there was less wind, the adults each had a pick-me-up of warm mea…