Friday, September 22, 2017

Half Hex Birdie Quilt

In the past year I've gotten really into making baby quilts! I got pregnant in August with my third baby and set to nesting in a crazy flurry of quilting! I made this quilt for my friend who was due with a little girl in January. I've always wanted to make a hexagon quilt, with the end goal of making a queen sized Settlers of Catan quilt. Unfortunately, my quilting skills weren't up to doing paper piecing or precision cutting or anything. I decided I needed to work my way up to more complicated projects before I tackle something like a queen hex quilt. 

In the meantime, I saw a tutorial on youtube that used Lori Holt's Half-Hex ruler template and I thought I'd give it a try. I had this adorable fabric from a fat-quarter bundle from Joann's Fabrics that reminded me of my friend (girly without being too much pink), and set to work! 

I think that the front turned out really good! I used 55 half-hexes in the large size and added a border in green and lilac satin blanket binding. (The green wasn't part of the bundle, I bought it separately because I wanted another contrasting solid).

The back...well my quilting still has a way to go. I backed it in light green minky, which  is tricky and stretchy. It was a little bit bumpy. :( Considering this was the third baby quilt I ever made, it's not so bad!

I also had played around with some of the leftover fabric and made this cute little tag ribbon toy to go along with the quilt.

Monday, September 11, 2017

(Catching Up) Shark Costume


Jack is obsessed with sharks, in case you didn't know. He insisted on being a shark for Halloween, but unfortunately we could not find a shark costume at any of the three Halloween stores we went to. Cue mama to take out my dusty sewing machine and get to work!

I used blue and white fleece, some black fabric paint for the eyes and gills, some stuffing for the fin, and a long zipper up the side to help him get it on and off. The pattern is of my own spur-of-the-moment design, inspired by  "Left Shark" of course, from that infamous Katy Perry Superbowl show.

(Catching Up) Dread Pirate Roberts Kids Costume

Gee, it's been a while huh? Well I'm going to go ahead and try to catch up a bit and post a few of the things we've done over the past few years in the upcoming weeks as I scrounge my hard drive for photos.

Dread Pirate Roberts 

This is from March of 2016, made for the Scarborough Fair in Central Texas. There's not a whole lot to it, but did draft this little pirate shirt from scratch by looking at one of Jack's 4T dress shirts! I've made so many of these renfair/pirate shirts by now that I could probably do it in my sleep. (Did I make an actual pattern for it? No. No I did not. Sorry!) The tiny version went together in just a few hours out of leftover grown-up fabric. It's a very nice black linen.

The mask is some thick felt I had lying around, attached with bit of elastic and the bandana was a freebie from long long ago.The tie is some suede lacing that I bought a whole spool of after continuously running out of lacing.  John cut a quick belt for him and we were ready to go! 

I used a brown eyeliner pencil for his iconic little mustache and we were set! 

This costume was great for my four year old because it felt so much like regular clothes to him. He was able to run around and not feel too hot or encumbered. The mask didn't last more than a few hours, but the rest of the costume stayed on until we went home. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

"Space" Toddler Quilt

 This was originally going to be a baby quilt, but even after the rest of the nursery was finished--curtain, crib skirt, boppy pillow cover--the fabric for the quilt sat in a pile for two years. Now, eight weeks from delivering baby #2, I had overwhelming urge to finally finish this quilt! It took a week of naptimes and evenings, but I got it done.So now it's a toddler quilt, finished just in time for Jack's 2nd birthday.

The front

The Back

Close up of the quilting from the back. I used a walking foot to make what I'm calling "wonky stars" on each square. I wasn't worried about perfection, I think the wonkiness is kind of charming.

Close up of the fabrics. Dark blue "galaxy" squares and light blue with white stars. I used black satin blanket binding for the edges.

Also, for the record, quilting is a huge pain in the butt and costumes are much easier and more fun. I definitely do not plan on switching hobbies any time soon!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Texas Renfair 2013

This year Gunnar and I went to the Renfair as a date, after leaving the kiddo with his grandparents for the day.  Gunnar wore a mishmash of old costume bits that were lying around my parent's house including the first (terrible!) undershirt I ever made many years ago and John's gray wool tabard.

My costume came together nicely for being 24 weeks pregnant, considering that it wasn't intended to be worn while pregnant! The top is a crossover reversible bodice in dark purple faux suede, only half-laced up, and then I pulled the matching skirt up to create an empire waist over the gaping top and bulging bump. The underdress is the same one I wore under my fairy outfit a in 2011, the hat I bought last year at the fair, and the boots were a wonderful estate sale find!

It was a wonderful relaxing day with gorgeous Texas winter weather. I didn't even need to wear the hooded cloak I made and brought just-in-case. More on that later!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gandalf and Bilbo

Despite a rough week, I managed to make Gandalf and Bilbo costumes for Gunnar and Jack! G is a huge LOTR fan and is currently reading through all of the histories, so when I offered to make him a Gandalf costume, he was ecstatic.

 For Bilbo, since the outfit was so small, I used scraps from previous costumes to make an undershirt, vest, and cape. I drafted my own patterns based on some of Jack's T2 sized church clothes. The ears are earmuff-style stuffed ears made from felt and attached to a headband and the feet are costume hair just stuck onto Jack's feet with spirit gum. (He thought that they were bugs at first and was wigged out, but we managed to convince him that they were "like fuzzy socks.")

For Gandalf I dyed my stash of estate-sale $1 sheets gray and then threw together a robe (gathered at the front and back for volume) and mantle, then used the scraps to cover a cheapo black witch hat in a patchworky style. A costume beard, age make-up, and some gray hair-dye completed the look! My only regret is not making it longer. I failed to account for belting it and lost several inches in length. I won't make that mistake again!

For pictures we went to San Antonio's Phil Hardeberger Park to get that shire/forest look, and to find a "wizard staff" among the broken branches. Overall I'm really happy with how it came out! If I weren't pregnant I probably would have tried to make an Arwen or Eowyn costume for myself too!

Goodbye Ember

My dear cat Ember, for whom this website is named, passed away last week from Kidney Failure at 13 and a half years old. Ember and lived together for half my life. She was a sassy, sweet, and very smart cat and I already miss her very very much. She had been sick for a while, but there is never an easy way to say goodbye. Rest in Peace girl. See you on the other side someday.