Saturday, December 18, 2010

Guest Writer Time! Katherine is a friend of John and Angela's from Herioc Interactive Theatre ( who volunteered to write the blog about Nebraskon.

This was my second Anime Convention EVER and my first time at Nebraskon, so I probably stood out as the total con n00b next to John and Angela, who even flew all the way up from Texas to help us promote Heroic at the con!

Most of our time spent was at our booth running a Heroic-inspired Assassin game. The premise was pretty simple; people were split into three different teams: Fighters, Rogues, and Mages. You gain points by killing people from other teams but to kill them you had to remember your catch phrase. One thing that might get in the way of points for your team is everybody also had a team inspired defense.

Fighters: "Prepare to Die! I smite you!"

Defense: "Parry!"

Rogues: "From the Darkness, I assassinate you."

Defense: "Dodge!"

Casters: "I set your cycle to Death!"

Defense "Mage Armor"

Friday night, we didn't allow for any level ups (which would allow you to buy more skills). What this did for the game was create roving death squads which would find and kill poor little nerds without a flock. Talk about high pressure, go down the wrong corridor and you might find yourself face to face with six members of a death squad grinning manically.

Saturday morning, we allowed for level ups which allowed people to buy more attacks and defenses as well as one time only potions or poisons to attack with. It was over Saturday that a couple players made themselves a name as being the ruthless elite. So, to give them a challenge we sent out a couple 'boss' characters with higher level stats. I know a lot of them had fun with it, hunting and stalking people from the booth looking for the bosses.

One time, when John, Angela and I were going over to Perkins for lunch we had a squad of no less than ten people stalking us to see if John was a boss.

Saturday night, we ran our informational panel about Heroic Interactive Theatre ( complete with 4-5 newbie modules and I have to say it was a lot of fun for me but I also think it was fun for a lot of the people who showed up. Hopefully, we will see them at games in the future. ;)

Sunday morning came and with it the winding down of the con. For our final panel about the Assassin game, we ran a show down last one standing game. It seems the elite who made a name for themselves earlier were the first targets to be killed with smaller people throwing themselves to their deaths just at a chance of seeing these people killed.

Great time overall! This is Katherine signing out!

Note: if you want more details of how the game is run so you can run a mini-game for yourself, let me know via comments/emails and I'll see if we can get something posted for ya'll! -Angela

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nebraskon Preview

The most Awesome RL brother and sister cosplaying the most Bad Ass fictional brother and sister? Hell yeah.

Halloween & RenFest!

This year I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival for Halloween, which was loads of fun! I wore my Queen Susan Narnia Costume, which was incredibly hot and sweaty on a sweltering 90 degree Texas Halloween. Next year I'll have to be a scantily clad elf or something, I swear.

The only thing to do was drink a delicious strawberry daiquiri and watch my friends ride the elephant, right?

Also, I'm not a very good archer, unlike the real Queen Susan.

Me and Nick, who is wearing Gunnar's Rich Merchant costume. There are no pictures of Gunnar's epicfail diseased villager costume on my camera.

My brother-in-law Erik, below, had an epic monster/demon costume. I helped him by telling him to use his Darth Maul cape and hood and work mak-eup on whatever was left.

No that is not his real nose. Yes, that is a real turkey leg.

The whole gang at the end of the day. (G washed the make up off.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lincoln Zombie Walk 2010

A few weeks ago (okay, like a month ago, sorry!) John participated in the Lincoln Zombie Walk in Lincoln Nebraska! (He's currently a supersenior at UNL)

photo by programmerman

He went as a survivor (Left4Dead style) with a medpack strapped to his back and a gun ready in hand. With his amazing ninja and zombie-fighting skills, he was one of the last survivors standing, but was inevitably eaten/infected before the night was over, after being cornered in a tree on the university's campus.

Zombie Walks happen all over the country, and they aren't just for Halloween! Zombie is a great easy costume that anyone can put together too, so there's no excuse for not having a costume this year!

Instant Zombie Recipe

Old Clothes, artistically torn
White/gray/black face paint
Fake Blood, splashed liberally on face and torso
Moans and Groans about brains

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


John, Gunnar and I all drove 10 hours to Kansas for a Heroic Interactive Theatre Event! Interactive theatre is also known as LARPing, or Live Action Role Playing.

John is a veteran over at Heroic, but Gunnar and I were total Newbs. Overall we had a really fun weekend. We even got to meet amazingly talented fantasy author Jim Butcher who had some pretty badass home-made armor himself. In fact, pretty much everyone over at the Central Chapter was fun to hang out with and dressed to kill--monsters, that is.
John camped out in his hammock tent, while Gunnar and I shared our discounted REI tent in the sweltering summer heat. It was actually the first time I had ever been camping in a tent, and I loved it!

I went as a wood elf, John was a bear-kin, and Gunnar was gnome. I have to admit that the rules were a little overwhelming and the other players being about a hundred levels above me made it a little overwhelming at times.

I'm definitely up for trying it again, but not really willing to drive 10 hours for it ever again. Unless John asks really nicely.

Gunnar with Jim Butcher

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Pokemon Cosplayers abounded at A-Kon 21 in Dallas, Texas. :) Including me and John!! We saw this cute Officer Jenny and couldn't resist posing. John went as Gold and I went as Leaf Green!

On Friday I wore a little bit different outfit under all my LG props, because it's kinda gross to wear the same outfit three days in a row. I made the skirt myself just for every day wear, but I thought it looked like something that Green would really wear.

Also check out our amazing pokeball pins. We had the idea that we should each have six for our team and carry them on our bags like real pokemon trainers, of course. We got them from the great dudes at the Sanshee booth--they rock! By the end of the con everyone was wearing between six and twenty of those pins. Embercostumes is a trendsetter, what what!

I volunteered at the info desk, which was seriously the best staff EVER. I got to sit down, snack, people watch, and answer easy questions for four hours at a time. On Saturday morning I had to be there at 8 a.m. so I chugged a huge cup of Tazo "Stay Awake" tea...oh my lord. I haven't had that much caffeine since my last college-Nanowrimo. I was WIRED, talking about a mile a minute, and immensely cheerful. My manic smile was literally causing nerd boys everywhere to do holy-cow-is-she-interested-in-me double takes, and there was even one very awkward poor dude who propositioned me. I wasn't sure if he had a legitimate question about where the video staff crash space was, (I was infodesk!!) but I told him several times that "I'm staying in a hotel room with my friends tonight" twice and then finally "I'm married!" once I figured out what he was mumbling about. Gah.

The Staff Head for infodesk was really cool too, a mechanical engineer from Scotland! He bought all his workers pizza on Saturday and was really organized. He also know everything about everything at the con! A lot of times other staffs would come to us and he'd answer their questions too. It was great.

It honestwas one of the most fun cons I've been to, but mostly because I was well prepared and actually had a reasonable budget. I am now an expert veteran congoer!! I just wish that more of my friends had been able to come...but alas, being a grown up has it's downsides...