Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break!!

John's super-cool-awesome friends came made the 12 hour road trip from
Lincoln Nebraska to Austin Texas with him for Spring Break!

From left to right: Judy, Diana, and Katherine.

THEN we all drove another four hours south to
the beach in Port Aransas!

At some restaurant in Port A.

The girls getting eaten by a shark.

We buried people in the sand. John was buried the deepest.
He's actually sitting in a hole, not laying down.

Skim boarding. We weren't very good at it. We looked up some tuts on youtube
at the hotel, but there was so much seaweed even a pro would have had trouble.

More costume stuff to soon as I can figure out how to convert the RAW photos my friend gave me into something I can use on my computer... I'll give another hint about the costume I made--it fits right in with my beach theme!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Costume Emergency Repair Kit

John and I both like to be prepared, like Scar and the Boy Scouts. And I have to say that the Costume Emergency Repair Kit has saved me and my friends from some truly terrible catastrophes. Like giant rips in the crotch of home-made pants. Like buttons popping off in the middle of the Renaissance Fair. Like getting to the hotel and realizing that key pieces were smooshed/ripped when you shoved them haphazardly into your suitcase. Like bra straps that won't stay covered up. (That last one was was actually at a wedding, and the subject of my repair kit's ministrations was the maid of honor.) You get the idea.

Repair Kit=Extremely Handy.

The key, however, is to keep it with you while you're at the event. If you have a pocket, put it in your pocket. If you have a purse, that's a good place too. If you have a husband, girlfriend, or accomplice, you can ask them to hold it for you. But if you're in a ripped costume ten minutes before the cosplay show and it's in your hotel room on the 33rd floor, you'll be very upset.

My kit used be a box of rubber bands.
It was my Azula kit, hence the black, red, and gold.

Safety Pins (BIG and small!)
Thread-one mini-spool/bobbin full of each color in your costume
Swiss Army Knife
Extra Button/Trim if you have any

Rubber Bands Boxes aren't the only things you can use. Other ideas include an Altoids tin, a big metal M&M (pictured above), a cassette tape box. Some stores sell pre-made mini sewing kits, like the little pink one pictured above, which I used to use. there's nothing wrong with these, but I prefer the versatility of a home-made kit, plus I lost a lot of the stuff that it came with.

Store bought kit, now missing several pieces.

Forget your Emergency Repair Kit? Don't Panic!

-You know that one friend who is always trying to finish their costume the day of the con, in the hotel room? See if you can borrow some thread/scissors/hot glue from them.

-Many cons have a Costume Help station stocked with duct tape and more duct tape. Ask around to see the event you're at has one. Apply duct tape to the inside of your costume along rip.

-Find someone with a baby or child near them. Parents (and especially grandparents!) are usually pretty prepared people.
Even a band-aid can help in a pinch!

What's in YOUR Emergency Repair Kit?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Zuko and Azula Costumes

Back in November, John and I went to Nebraskon in Omaha! I know...this is like the latest post about a con ever, but at least it got here, right? -_-

It was cool being dressed as brother and sister and actually, ya know, being brother and sister. I mean, we could have done Katara and Sokka, except that they are totally lame and can't shoot fire or lightning out of their fists.

There were a few awkward moments, however, when we happened upon some Azuko shippers. (Ew.)
"Oh-Em-Gee! Are you a couple?"
"No, he's my brother."
"Yeah, but in real life are you a couple?"
"Um no. In real life, he's my brother."
"Oh." (Awkward, disappointed silence.)

Looking surly.

Looking smug and EVIL.

With our handsome uncle.

These pics are by our dear friend Katherine! We also have professional photos on the main site by Shattered Images Photography, taken at Ikkicon, and two related tutorials:
1. Zuko's Scar Make-Up Tutorial and
2. Azula's Crown Sculpey Tutorial.

Yay Avatar: The Last Airbender! Also, is anyone else excited about Korra?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Raving about Azula

So one of my favorite things about my Azula costume (Besides being able to make faces as if I am criminally insane power hungry maniac) is that I fully lined the velvet outer-dress and can wear it by itself for things like Convention Dances!!! Also note the glow-sticks around my neck, for added awesomeness:

I look way thinner without the hundred under-garmets.

Princess seamed Dress
Detail of the belt and Sculpey Fire Nation Emblem

The back, which has a zipper:

I wore biker shorts underneath because otherwise people would see my undies.

Bonus Making-Of Pictures

Mock-up pattern pieces
(based on an old dress I once tried to make and never finished)

Trying on the mock-up so I could figure out
how high the slits should go and the angle of the skirt.