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A-Kon Follow up...finally!

Hello again blogosphere! (Do I get points for using that word? Or maybe points taken away?)

Random Lightsaber Duel!
It's been a while but I'm finally feeling better, along with actually looking pregnant and not just like I had too much to eat at lunch. This is a good thing because it means that all is going well with my unborn future costumer, but it is a bad thing because I desperately need a job and am afraid of that little thing called discrimination. Ugh.

We left off right before A-Kon 2011 in Dallas, where I was supposed to try and survive the con as cheaply as possible. Unfortunately, Friday night I had some serious complications due to the pregnancy and when I called my doctor first thing in the morning, he put me on bed rest until I could go in and see him. Obviously that changed things quite a bit. He didn't think that I had miscarried or he would have sent me to the hospital right away, but he told me to be as careful as possible and come see him as soon as I was back in town. It was very, very scary.

I'm not stoned, just seriously ill!
The rest of the day I limited myself to my comfy post at the infodesk, minus an hour nap in the crashspace (I got a bed to myself), with meals delivered to me by my wonderful brother, and a wheelchair for the brief time I felt up to seeing some of the con. People gave me some funny looks seeing as I was still dressed as Chell, but the joke was that my long fall boots had malfunctioned. Fitting!

I'm SO glad I wasn't at the con by my self. Without John, I would have had to call someone to come and get me and bring me home. But since he was there to take care of me, things turned out fine. He even took me to TGI Fridays for dinner Saturday night. Everyone at the infodesk was very understanding and even let me switch my hours so I could do them all on Saturday and go home Sunday morning. Let this be a lesson that you should always have at least one buddy if you're going to a con out of town! You never know what might happen and when you might need someone.

Thankfully, when I went to the doctor he was able to figure out the relatively minor problem which had caused so much trouble, and everything was fine with the kiddo. Still, I was put on medium-bed rest for the remainder of my first trimester. (Allowed to walk around a little, but otherwise no physical activity.) Let me just say, without Pokemon Black I would NOT have gotten through the following eight weeks...

Aaron carries all his leatherworking tools!
John says that despite all the drama, he still managed to have a good con. Not wearing a costume and not being tied to a huge group of friends and having a nice disposable income can make conventions incredibly stress-free and fun. Aside from occasionally wheeling me around and bringing me food, he could do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted to! He had a chance to see lots of cool stuff and meet lots of interesting people.One such interesting person was Aaron Rathbun, pictured on the right. He is a leatherworker who carries all of his tools with him and likes to work out in public where people can see and get interested. Check out his website at Aaron and John even helped in one of the leatherworking panels, and John hopes that the A-Kon staff will let him present an advanced leatherworking class next year. 

Since then I moved to San Antonio so that my super-smart husband (no really, he got a perfect score on his SAT in high school) can go to grad school. John's been working and working out in preparation for the Spartan Race which is coming to Texas in December. We're still working on the website, adding articles and tutorials as we have time. Someday it will be...amazing!


P.S. When I was looking through the tags on blogger I noticed my "Con Horror Story" tag...I think that this con certainly fit that description!


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